What is Psychopharmacology?

Psychopharmacology involves studying the use of the medication while curing different mental disorders. The complexity involved in this field of Psychopharmacology is quite high and in order to make your career in this field you will have to keep yourself well-versed with the latest advancements and changes in this field.

Psychopharmacology involves gaining an understanding of the different principles of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Understanding Psychopharmacology involves the study of:

  • Protein Binding
  • Polymorphic genes (genes that vary greatly from one person to another)
  • Half life (for what time will the medications stay in our body)
  • Drug to drug interactions (how different medications effect each other)

Psychopharmacology uses the knowledge of these different medications and their properties in order to treat the different mental disorders, neuroscience, mental disorder, clinical medicine and a differential diagnosis of the mental problems.

A Psychopharmacologist is, therefore, the person who is skilled in utilizing and building therapeutic alliance with his patient. A person who treats different people with the help of psychotropic medication is also referred to as a Psychopharmacologist.

After completing a residency training from a medical school, Physicians gain higher level of expertise and understanding in pharmacology and in Psychopharmacology. Various psychiatrists, after completing four years of their training in the advanced medical studies, attain a higher level of expertise and understanding in Psychopharmacology.

A Psychopharmacologist generally refers to a Physician who has an advanced training in Psychopharmacology. Some of the Physicians specialize in Psychopharmacology through continuing medical education, academic education or self study. There is also an examination that has to be taken after every five years.

By studying Psychopharmacology you will study a great range of subjects and medicines that have psychoactive features and properties. The commercial and professional field of Psychopharmacology and pharmacology not only focuses on recreational drugs or psychedelic drugs but most of the studies are also conducted for the study, development and the use of different drugs for alleviation of some of the symptoms and modification of behavior.

Thus a career in the field of Psychopharmacology can be quite exciting and interesting.

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