Want a Happier Life? See a Life Coach and Make Improvements, Fast

What’s a life coach and how do you select the right one for you? Read on and you’ll find out more about life coaching and how a life coach can help you make improvements and changes to maximise your happiness and success in life. This article also provides some practical information on the things to look for in a coach.


Are you not happy with the way your life is going? Maybe your financial situation is in bad shape or you’re disappointed with your relationship, health and fitness or your job. It could just be that you’ve got a nagging feeling that you should be doing something more with your life and that you have a lot of untapped potential that you’d like to bring out. Or it may be a case of never seeming to get what you really want.

Time to see a life coach. You may not know what a life coach is, and that is understandable. Life coaching is a relatively new field and has only come into being in the last 10 years. Coaches help people determine and achieve their goals and deal with changes in their lives as well as personal development. They are totally interested in you and as well as teaching you positive new life skills and behaviours they will also encourage, motivate and support you. In addition they will provide you with practical tools, techniques and resources to maximise your success.

Life coaching is a forward thinking practice focused on solutions rather than dwelling on the past and what has gone wrong. It draws from a variety of fields such as positive adult development, psychology, sociology, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling.

It’s no problem if you don’t know exactly the type of changes you’d like to make or which areas of your life you’d like to make the changes in. A good coach can help you determine this. They can help you create goals as well as a very important goal action plan – your thoughts set the direction for your life but then you need to take action to make them happen and this where the goal action plan comes in,. It’s also important to address any blockages that have stopped you from achieving desired changes in the past and together you and your life coach can identify, examine and resolve these blockages.

You may decide you only need one area of your life improved and in that case you can see someone who specialises in that specific area, be it a love coach, business coach, career coach or financial coach. Or you may have several areas you’d like to focus on. In that case it’s a good idea to get a life coach as they can help you improve all areas of your life. The amount of sessions you need will depend on your unique situation and circumstances. Take guidance from your coach regarding the regularity and number of sessions you have but don’t forget that you’re always in control and you have the last say.

To pick a good life coach I highly recommend that you choose someone who has psychological qualifications or counselling skills in addition to their coaching qualification. The vast majority of us humans have previous negative experiences that have affected our beliefs or outlook on life adversely and unfortunately these can really hold us back. A life coach will help you identify and resolve your blockages as well as help you change any underlying thought and beliefs that may inadvertently have been holding you back. If they have these skills then you may need to see someone else who does in addition to your coach. This involves more expenses for you and you’ll need to build a trusting relationship with an additional person.

You also need to look at the amount of life experience they have had as the more experiences they have had themselves or have experienced around them, the more they can help you with any situation that crops up in your life.

Trust, confidentiality and privacy are of extreme importance in any coaching relationship and the coaching profession has strict confidentiality and privacy principles. If you don’t have trust in your life coach then you’ll find it difficult to successfully make your desired changes as being able to talk with them openly and trustingly is essential. You’ll usually be able to figure out whether you trust your life coach in your first session. Don’t be afraid to rely on your intuition.

There are various ways to receive personal life coaching. They include face to face coaching, phone coaching or Skype coaching. I recommend face to face coaching if at all possible as it makes effective interaction and relationship building easier but sometimes people don’t have the proximity to allow face to face coaching. You may really be drawn to a coach who doesn’t live close to you and opt for Skype or phone coaching. Rest assured that this type of coaching works very well too and geographically dispersed clients can achieve the same satisfying results as local ones. The reason a good coach is so successful in helping their clients achieve a happier life is that they are totally interested in their client’s success as well as have the ability to bring out effective and tailored solutions for their client’s unique situations. This alone has an amazing impact on clients’ personal motivation and successful outcomes, regardless of their proximity to their coach.

From my years of coaching experience I can assure you that you will maximise your success with the help of a dedicated and professional life coach. Hopefully this article has shed some light on how to go about selecting the best life coach for you.

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