The Importance of Early Childhood Education

New parents are usually too overwhelmed to even think about it but educating their child starts in the cradle. While we are fascinated with the little sounds a baby makes and then the first smile and the first words there is more going on in that little brain than meets the eye. Its owner is absorbing everything about its parents from the smell to their voice and the gentle warmth of their loving arms when cuddled or nursed.

Over the first few months of life the brain is capable of taking in much more than we think. In places where predators were prominent it is known that babies were able to climb trees at just six months old. More than that they became aware of danger through the parents’ attitudes and actions.

The same continues only we are unaware of it. Babies born today are not encouraged to be more than what they seem, that is a helpless dependent individual. But look at what they can do and then decide on what they might do if given an opportunity.

Recently a deaf mother spoke of her child who picked up on her hand language. Her signing was quickly learned and before long the baby was signing back. That is a clear indication of intellect that is basically ignored prior to a child learning to speak. But what if that infant was taught in a different way.

When my children were around two or three the ability they showed towards wanting to learn was astounding to me. The facts, however, were that at that time people did not know or appreciate that children of that age could be taught. While much was done to help them within my abilities it is an area of regret that they did not have the opportunities of children today.

My daughter taught her young son to recognise things through a picture book long before he was two. He could explain what mountains were or example, and everything around the home could be named and explanations given. These are only a few suggestions of his participation. In today’s world they are able to go to pre-school at that time and engage in classes.

There is nothing wrong with early childhood learning and everything to be gained by those lucky enough to have parents who are willing to engage in it. Every baby has the same abilities and by opening the channels of the brain early they will have more skills and learning techniques to see them through life and into good careers.

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