Investment Ideas For College Students

You have heard it from Mom and Dad all of your life right? Go to high school, get good grades so you can get into a stellar college. Mom and Dad are not that far off base. They both know the value of a college degree. With a college education and degree, your chances of getting a higher paying job are increased and you can earn around $17,500 or more per year that your peers who only have a high school diploma. Now, that might not sound like a lot of money but, that is the average, in many cases it is higher. Time and time again, if you talk to a person who has taken the time to earn their degree, they will tell you without a doubt that they do not regret getting the college education. Most people agree that it is worth the effort to get the college education. What everyone forgets to tell you is how much that college education is going to cost per year. Many people already know that the cost of an education is costly, but, still many people do not understand the figures involved in getting a degree. The average cost to go to a private university is around $48,000. However, upon further research we soon see that $48,000 is a low number. This figure is for a university that might be located a hop, skip and a jump away from the high school that you graduated from.

If you want to go to a top college, with a little more opportunity for advancement, that will cost way over the $60,000 a year mark. That figure of sixty thousand dollars per year does not include other things that are needed for college life. Things like living off campus, some learning materials, food, personal and transportation expenses, entertainment and more are not included in that cost. Now, before you give up on a college education because of the sticker shock price, please remember that there are a number of ways to pay for all these college related expenses. One nice thing about going to college is that most of the students qualify for student loans. Yes, there are places that will loan the student money to help with their education. The down side to this is, regardless of how much the student is able to borrow, it will not be enough to cover everything and they will still be paying off the loan long after they have graduated. Can you imagine paying off a loan years after you have graduated? The fact is, many university students suffer to pay the bills long into their working years.

The cost of living in a university town is another thing to give some thought to. Let’s say you or someone you know, wanted to go to the University of California, the cost of living there could be higher or lower than another university, like, the University of Michigan. So, the big question is: How do people get and pay for a college education and manage stress at the same time? It is a fact that many college students struggle to make ends meet. The average college student attends classes, stays up all night doing their school work and cramming for that examination that they hope they will pass. If that stress was not enough for them, they also worry over the mounting cost of education. As a result of financial issues, they often look to a well off or at least better than they are, father figure to help them with their tuition money and even repaying their loans.

Most people agree it feels great to be able to give back to these college students and take away some of their financial pain. Guardians and mentors can be very helpful. These university students often make arrangements to provide their guardian/mentor with an in-site into their personal life.

There are so many things that a college student go without simply because they cannot find the money to purchase them. Often the issues these college students are dealing with are more than money too, some of them have daddy issues and need the comfort of an older man to talk to and get advice from. Therapy can come in many forms and often starts with open conversations. Getting these college aged students to open up is easy once you show them that someone like you cares about their needs.

These university students are trying their best to get good grades and get the skills they need to enrich the society in which we all live, work and play. With this enormous amount of pressure and stress comes the need to leave off a little steam and have some fun.

Often these students are stuck at their dorm or living area for days on end. There is no telling how helping to touch their lives through some financial support and these life changing therapy sessions.

There are many university aged students who are seeking arrangements that are rewarding and beneficial for both parties. An upfront and honest arrangement is something that can be hard to find in today’s world, however it is easy to find an arrangement when you redefine the expectations. Let’s face it, everyone has hardships and they often put an university student in a rough spot because they don’t always have someone they can talk to.

According to several scientific studies over the years, self esteem has a lot to do with how the brain works and how students learn. As we look at the many teaching methods, it is easy to see that praise is often giving freely to university students because it builds up their confidence. We can all agree that building a university student’s confidence is important in today’s fast paced world.

Can you picture the struggles and other personal issues? Put yourself in the shoes of a university student who is struggling to get by, burdened with all of these pressing issues. Who would you turn to? You would most likely do what every university student does, turn to a father figure who has the ability to help you out. It is a great privilege to be able to help another person. It makes the person who is helping feel empowered just as much as it helps to build the self esteem and reduce stress on the college student.

Think of it this way, every single person has a duty to help another human being. Helping one or more college students secure their education and pay off their student loans, as well as buying the things they need in life is a great responsibility and privilege.

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