How to Get a Marketing Internship

Getting an internship while still an undergraduate may be very helpful in gaining a little real world experience before entering the real world full-time. Marketing internships are often sought after for their versatility. This aspect of the business world is extremely important, as it gets the company's name and services into the public domain to drive business. Learning how to do this is one of the keys to running a successful business and driving even more business to a company once hired. Finding the best undergraduate internship is a goal that many students have while on vacation in the spring or summer.

Sorting the helpful internships from the unhelpful ones is one of the first steps in finding one that's right for you. Don't get too sold on a company's name. While it may look good on your resume at first glance, an interviewer may quickly determine that your duties at the big-name company did not really prepare you for life after college. It's great if you work for a company with a great reputation, but if your role in that company is to file papers away or enter data into a computer, it may not be as helpful as you think.

Even if the company isn't as well known as a Fortune 500 company, if you're playing a bigger role and actively learning while on the job, you'll have more experiences to share during a job interview and the interviewer will likely take notice. After all, a company's name on a piece of paper isn't worth as much as what you would take away from a valuable internship with a company in which you learn important aspects of the business world such as marketing and management.

If you're a marketing major or have taken some marketing classes, it may help you get an internship specifically geared towards students with an interest in the field. If you haven't taken any classes or aren't majoring in the subject, finding another position that may not deal specifically with the subject isn't the end of the world. Any business will have some dealings in marketing their product or service. If you're playing an active role in the company, you should run into this aspect of the business at some point. If you're not sure that you would, simply ask during the application process and express an interest in participating in this part of the business.

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