How To Expedite Your Job Search

Finding a new job can be hard, especially when your self-esteem is still suffering from the loss of your old one. Some people can spend may months struggling to gain a way back into the workforce. If this is something that you’re currently dealing with, there are several things that you can do to expedite your search.

Try being more flexible in terms of what you’re willing to accept. This could be important if you’ve nearly depleted your savings and have already developed a considerable gap in your resume. Many people make the mistake of looking for positions that are exactly like the one’s they’ve just lost. You may find yourself happy in a brand new work environment and with brand new responsibilities.

Consider positions that lie outside of your normal field. Don’t limit yourself to only one industry. Consider the ways in which your skills my be flexible enough for other fields. Think about the different types of companies that you would like to work for and establish a plan for marketing yourself outside of your normal territory.

Look for a way to generate money online. Not only will this pad your savings and give you more time to secure a stable job, but it will also help you fill any gaps in your resume. Think about starting and monetizing a blog or create your own monetized channel on a video hosting site. This will show employers that you were committed to doing something productive during your down time. There are even affiliate products that you can start selling as well.

Post your CV online and let employers start coming to you. Rather than reaching out random companies, wait to be contacted by those who have already ready your skills and are interested in getting to know more about you. Post your CV on as many job hunting platforms as you can find. You can even consider the possibility of working with a recruitment agency. While companies must pay fees to work with these agencies, job seekers usually have access to their services for free.

Reduce your salary requirements. Be willing to accept a smaller amount of money if it will help you get your foot in the door. Once you show a new employer what you can do, you may be able to earn incentives, win a promotion or get a raise. Lowering your salary expectation is a large part of being flexible.

Consider work outside of your normal area. There may no longer be a local market for what you want to do. Start looking for opportunities that will require you to relocated. It could be time for an entirely fresh start. This is definitely true if you are determined to continue working in your former niche.

Revamp your personal development plan. Enroll in excel courses, web development courses, financial training and communications seminars. Do anything that you think will make you a more valuable asset in the workplace. This is also another great way to justify any gaps in employment on your CV.

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