How to Become a Chef

So you have decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts industry, but where do you start? There are two different choices you have. The first option is to become a chef by experience through an apprenticeship. The other option is to attend a culinary arts school for a formal education.

So how do you become a chef through an apprenticeship? If you take this route, the first step is to decide what type of chef you want to become. After you have made this decision, you should set out to find a job at that type of facility. In your interviews, let your potential employer know that you would like a position where you can gain cooking experience to earn a spot as a chef. This will let him or her know that you are serious about the position. By taking this route, you basically work your way up. You will be hired in a lower position than you desire, but with a lot of dedication, hard work, persistence and desire, after time you can reach the position that you set out to reach.

The other option to become a chef is to attend culinary arts school to gain a formal education about cooking. Many schools have program options that you select based on your interests and the type of chef you want to become. At a culinary arts school, you will learn from top-notch chefs and culinary professionals. There will be bookwork as well as hands on experience. At the end of your culinary school experience, you will have an internship that will give you hands on experience at a quality work site. This experience is a great opportunity to network and establish connections for being hired.

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